Who We Are

Wood n Wicker is a family run business with a simple yet powerful mission – to help you make a home out of your house. To do this we bring to the table many pairs of hands and feet that are eager to work with you.

Start off touring our store to get an idea of what we do, set up an appointment with our designers where you get an opportunity to tell us what you want (not be forced to select from what we have in stock – and then find its out of stock!), continue with what we like to call our “customer conversations” where we do as many iterations as it takes to get what you have in mind – including site visits – till everyone is happy; then sign off and sit back and let us put it all together as our team of home-grown carpenters work to bring to life the home of your dreams.

Now to the nuts and bolts of our business (if you will excuse the pun). We customise and make-to-order any and all furniture for homes: beds, wardrobes, sofas, chairs and tables, kitchens, bars, outdoor furniture and we also stock interesting curio pieces from around the world. Depending on your budget, we could use only wood – Burma Teak wood- or combinations of teak wood and veneer.

We also encourage our customers to work closely with us, so bring us a picture of that fallen-to-bits old dressing table you always loved in your grandmother’s ancestral home, and allow us to replicate it for you. Or spend many happy hours hunting for the fabric of your dreams; then hand it over to us for the stunning sofa that you have always dreamt of owning.

We work out of Bangalore, but our customers come from all over the country and also abroad. So yes, we do want your business. But we also want you to be satisfied. And spread the good word. For you see, we don’t mark up our prices to cover huge marketing costs. No big-ass advertising, no hyperbolic hoardings, no hype whatsoever. Just good old fashioned spit and polish, a healthy dollop of goodwill and the intent to see you through to the end. Because we believe that in the process of turning a pile of bricks and mortar into a home, we also turn you into our friend.


Why Choose Us

  The age-old reason is good enough: QUALITY! We use the best raw materials possible, starting from sourcing our wood from all over the country to working with premium melamine coatings and polish material to come up with that rich luxurious look that’s become associated with our work. Our carpentry, joinery and finish are all top notch, thanks to our workforce that has been with us on this 15 year journey, ever since we started in fact, and so they have both the experience and the expertise to back us up.

  If you walk into our store, you will find us. And that’s what we are about really. We listen. We let you talk. We encourage you to dream. Then we offer solutions, suggestions, ideas. And then we sit back again. And we listen. And let you talk. And tell us if you like it or hate it. And so it goes on till everyone’s happy – and slightly exhausted! – and only then do we actually begin work. So till D-day, handover, what ever you call it, we are in constant contact with you, working with you, for you. Because we understand what goes into making a home.